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Hello! My name is Aurora and I have lived up in the mountains my whole life. I’ve always been curious about other parts of the country and now I’m getting the chance to explore.

I heard about Guiding Mosaic 2016, and I have to admit I am very excited. I can’t wait to meet all of you and be part of this camp. I think it’s great that Girl Guides of Canada and our international friends are coming to my province for such a great Canadian adventure.

Before camp I thought I would do some traveling. I’m going to see every part of Canada in the next ten months. I want to visit as many towns and cities as possible and learn fun facts about our country. I hope to get to know you and spend time with your Guiding group along the way. Sparks, Brownies, Guides, Pathfinders, Rangers, Link, Community and District Guiders, Trainers and Trefoil... I want to meet everyone. And when I’m done, it will be time for Mosaic.

I love camping in tents, building shelters, hiking, and singing campfire songs. I love meeting people and making new friends. I love learning about other countries and cultures. I like taking pictures, especially selfies in different places I visit. I like making crafts but I’m not too sure about glitter.

I like reading and writing and sharing stories. I like helping people when I can.

I want you to tell me everything you like to see and do so I can try it too. Maybe when I get to your unit we could do something fun together?

I promised my family and friends back home that I would share all my adventures and tell them about the new friends I meet along the way. We can be friends on Facebook and follow each other on Twitter, then everyone back home on Mount Schaffer will be able to meet you too.

Enough about me for now. It’s time to grab my pack and start hiking down the mountain. Canada, here I come!

Looking for some fun activities? There is fun material for units all featuring me!
Click here to to see the fun material for Units.

I also have my own social media! I hope to connect with all of you online soon. 


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