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Welcome to Guiding Mosaic 2016 Camp Training. We are very excited that you have chosen to join us at GM2016, and want to ensure you have the best time possible. GM2016 is not a camp skills camp, so it is your responsibility as Patrol Guiders to make sure your girls have the skills necessary to enjoy a nine-day camp. Provincial Liaison(s) and local Travel Groups will be arranging training throughout the year. This is not only a great way for girls and Guiders to learn these skills, it also gives everyone an opportunity to build a stronger team. If joining other groups is not possible, the following training should include everything you need to provide your girls with the camp skills they need.

Patrols, girls and Guiders, attending GM2016, must complete this mandatory camp training by June 15, 2016. The completion and its date will be recorded during the latter phases of the registration process.

The training consists of three documents:

  1. The Guider/Trainer manual - this is a double sided booklet that includes all materials, game instructions, schedule, and names of the accompanying video series;
  2. Printables - this is everything you need to print for the training activities;
  3. The Girl’s Handout - this is a checklist for the girls so they can keep track of the things they have learned during training, and the skills they have to spend more time acquiring. This also includes links to GM2016 social media, website and information about Camp Woods;

The series of Doing it the Guiding Way! training videos are available on our YouTube Channel. Many of these videos are listed in the Training manual. More videos will be added throughout the year leading up to GM2016, so please check back often.

Always refer to the GM2016 website for any questions relating to camp. This is your main source for the latest updates and all information regarding Guiding Mosaic 2016. 

Our thanks to Camp Operations and Camp Communications teams for designing and creating our GM2016 Camp Training, with creative input from OAL Trainers in Ottawa, ON, and the support of the GM2016 Steering Committee and the Alberta Provincial Liaison.

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